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Turning Innovative Ideas into Global Solutions!

There have been many advances in the search for renewable energy and the development of existing technologies. It is well recognized the oceans of the world hold huge amounts of potential energy. The challenge is being able to tap into that energy safely with sustained operation and reliability.



Project Aimmer was created by Finima Innovations to find a solution for green energy in the area of ocean wave energy known as Blue Power, developing a low cost power generation unit which harnesses the motion of the ocean.

Understanding Fundamental Challenges 












The challenges faced by WECs are not extreme weather, corrosive environment or other safety concerns, it is something more fundamental. The prevailing obstacles stem from the natural characteristics of waves - that wave is random with mixed height, length, frequency and direction. Its bobbing velocity is too low to sufficiently harness the energy required for most WECs, resulting in low power extraction effeciency and subsequent high cost of electricity derivation. 



challenge: non-reactive to random wave


We don’t make huge expensive monsters but  small devices to form affordable arrays.


We love random waves, as long as there are relative movement.

We don’t rely on buoyancy principle, we harness energy extracted from Phase Change.

We don’t only capture high gravity waves with long periods. We can also harness the low waves with short period that exist majority of the time, which were abandoned by most WECs .


We can install it anywhere, as long as there are 1m waves.